Original Airdate: Saturday, September 21

In Cedar Cove, Olivia and Jack’s relationship seems to be on track, but Grace is struggling. She is trying to forget the kiss she shared with Olivia’s married brother, Will, but he is not making it easy. He has been calling and texting Grace wanting to see her, but she has resisted replying. Finally, he seeks her out to tell her he can’t stop thinking about her and insists that he has left his wife. He just needs a little time to be able to tell his mother and sister about it. Though Grace feels an attraction to Will, she tells him that there is nothing between them and leaves. However Maryellen accidentally observes the exchange, and later confronts her mother to find out what’s going on. When Maryellen learns about the kiss, she urges her mother to tell Olivia about it before she finds out from Will.

Meanwhile, Justine, trying to make Seth feel more at home in her apartment, reveals to him a newly purchased waterbed. She is hopeful that Seth will be able to sleep better if he has the motion of the water to lull him to sleep. Seth is thrilled by Justine’s thoughtfulness and tells her that he has a plan that will enable them to have a real life together. As they begin to kiss, they are interrupted by a call from the hospital. Warren has been taken there with chest pains and has listed Justine as his emergency contact. She needs to go to the hospital, but Seth is unhappy and wonders if she still has feelings for her ex.

Elsewhere, Olivia is driving with Charlotte in the car when she has a small fender bender. The damage doesn’t look bad, however the driver she hit, Walter Johnston, starts complaining about possible injuries and Olivia (and Charlotte) can sense he means to make a big deal out of this minor accident. At the hospital, Justine visits Warren, who confesses he is still thinking about her. She tells him that she is with Seth now and is happy, but Warren is compelled to express his feelings. There is no one else in his life who means as much to him.

Seth visits a bank to discuss an ongoing loan process. While Seth has been working on this loan for a while and everything was in the clear, the loan officer suddenly tells him he doesn’t qualify. Seth immediately senses that Warren is behind this sudden change in fortunes.

Olivia is in her chambers when she gets a visit from Melanie, Stan’s wife. Melanie has come to talk to Olivia about Stan’s therapy and wonders if Olivia could be pushing him to do it. She worries that Stan has changed since he started therapy and that he is spending too much time in Cedar Cove. Olivia tries to tell Melanie that Stan is visiting in order to spend time with Justine, but Melanie thinks there is something going on between Stan and Olivia.

When Justine returns home from the hospital, she finds an upset, angry Seth, who doesn’t see the need for Justine to spend time with Warren. Justine tries to explain that she can’t turn her back on someone in need, but Seth is not happy. Tension has formed between them because of Warren yet again.

Olivia goes to see Grace who worries that she has found out about Will and has come to confront her. Instead, Olivia wants to talk about her encounter with Melanie. Grace suggests they take a walk while trying to ignore yet another text from Will. When her phone keeps buzzing however, Olivia becomes curious. Grace is about to come clean, when Olivia is approached by a process server. She is being sued over the accident. Olivia commiserates about her day with Jack, who manages to turn her awful day into a wonderful evening. She is taken aback, however, when Jack tells her about a call he received from a friend in Philadelphia about a potential job offer. She worries that Jack may be moving away, but he tells her that this is just a meeting. If he gets a job offer, he will cross that bridge when he comes to it.

Jack runs into Maryellen who needs help carting a big painting to a client’s house. Jack agrees to help, but enlists Maryellen to help him with a plan of his own. Justine gets help from her father Stan to figure out what’s happening with Warren, despite Seth’s misgivings. Later, she returns home to find Seth poring over his financial papers. Warren continues to be a point of contention between them. As they argue, Justine notices that one of the papers he is looking at is a loan application, and asks him about it. He tells her he is trying to find a way to turn down a lucrative job offer: four months of steady work on a crab boat. Justine is upset that he may be gone for so long, and with Seth still upset about Warren, and their fight ends with Justine in tears and Seth storming out of the apartment.

At Moon’s, Stan spends more time with Justine talking about her relationship with Seth, and she’s grateful that he’s there for her. Without asking, Moon delivers them a banana split, just like old times. In a parking lot in Cooperton, Olivia’s accident victim, Walter Johnston, is hobbling with a cane when he is distracted by a beautiful damsel in distress, who just happens to be Maryellen. Maryellen is struggling with a huge box and Walter abandons the cane to help her lift it and put it into her car. Unbeknownst to Walter, Jack is hidden nearby taking pictures of every move Walter makes. The pictures are enough to make Walter drop his lawsuit, and Olivia once again sees how wonderful Jack is.

Grace goes to see Olivia to once again try to tell her about Will. When she arrives, Olivia briefly takes a call from Will’s wife, Georgia. She explains to Grace that Will is taking his wife on a month-long excursion to France in celebration of their 20th wedding anniversary. Stunned by the fact that Will is lying about the state of his marriage, Grace redirects the conversation to other subjects. Justine visits the hospital and finds Warren ready to leave. He has been diagnosed with a hernia, which can easily be treated. Now that he is feeling better, he wants to go out with Justine to celebrate, but Justine explains that since he is up and around, her work is done.

Justine and Maryellen visit John at the Captain’s Galley to sample some of his creations. Things are going well between the new couple, unlike the friction between Seth and Justine. Later, Maryellen gets a visit from a woman asking about John. Maryellen notices that the woman’s last name is the same as the one she saw on the papers John had at his place. Maryellen talks to John about the encounter, wondering if the woman might be his mother. She asks him point blank if he changed his name. John tells her to leave it alone, but Maryellen insists that if their relationship is going to make it they can’t have secrets. John responds that if that’s the case, maybe they shouldn’t have a relationship at all.

Melanie confronts Stan when she finds out he bought a boat that will enable him to spend even more time in Cedar Cove and with Olivia. Stan points out that their problems aren’t just about Olivia or Justine, but have been coming for some time. Justine returns home to clear the air with Seth, only to find all his clothes missing. He has moved out without a word.

At the dock, Olivia sees Jack off as he heads to Philadelphia for his big interview. Jack is nervous, but Olivia is encouraging and, before he goes, pulls him into a kiss and tells him to hurry back. He promises he will and she tells him she thinks she is falling in love with him.