Original Airdate: Saturday, September 28

In Philadelphia, Jack has a great interview and is offered a sports writing job covering the Phillies. It is his dream job, but he is unsure he wants to upset his whole life again, especially now that he has Olivia.

Olivia is in her chambers when she gets a visit from Stan, who tells her that he has separated from his wife. Not only that, but he wants to move back to Cedar Cove. Olivia thinks that Stan moving back will complicate things and he tells her to think it over. He won’t move back if she is against it.

At the art gallery, Maryellen tells Justine about meeting the woman who she suspects is John’s mother. Maryellen is determined to find out what John is hiding from her. Justine tells her that when she is done, she can help her solve her mystery. She still hasn’t heard a word from Seth and has no idea where he is. When Jack returns home, Olivia is waiting at the pier to welcome him back. They’re happy to see each other, but Jack isn’t ready to share his news. When Olivia asks how the interview went, Jack hedges, saying he hasn’t received an offer yet. “We’re just going to have to wait and see,” he tells her.

Maryellen and Grace meet at Moon’s for tea so Maryellen can divulge her plans to uncovering John’s suspicious past. Grace isn’t impressed, and advises her to leave well enough alone. But her mood is off, and Maryellen asks if Will’s constant texting is still going on. It is, and Grace is frustrated; she’s not exactly sure who Will is lying to—his wife or her—but either way, he is a liar. Jack and Bob work to put the finishing touches on Jack’s canoe, and Bob guesses that Jack was offered the job in Philadelphia. Jack confides to Bob that he is not sure about the job. Having lost everything once, Jack is uncertain he wants to change everything in his life and he is determined not to put a job ahead of his sobriety or Olivia.

Justine visits Olivia and tells her she finally got a voice mail from Seth. He didn’t say where he was, just that he was working on something that would benefit them both. Olivia is feeling unsettled in her own relationship and confides to Justine that she is worried about Jack’s potential job offer. The phone interrupts them, and Stan asks Olivia and Justine to come to the marina. Once they arrive, he shows them his new boat, which reminds both women of the boat they used to have when they were a family. Stan persuades them to take a ride, and while they are together, Olivia is overwhelmed by memories of when they were a happy family, and when life with Stan was good.

Maryellen visits a restaurant in Tacoma where John used to work. Once there, she is able to persuade the manager to tell her what John had lied about on his application. She finds out that he was once convicted of a felony. When Maryellen returns to Cedar Cove, she confronts John with what she has discovered. John admits that he was in jail on a drug charge but refuses to discuss it any further. He storms out of the restaurant, leaving in the middle of his shift.

Olivia goes to see Jack to tell him about Stan moving to Cedar Cove, but is stopped by Jack telling her he was offered the Philadelphia job and turned it down. It is his dream job, but he likes Cedar Cove better, and he makes it clear she was a big part of his decision. Olivia is overwhelmed by the sacrifice Jack has made and is unable to tell him about Stan’s recent overtures toward her.

Justine is out for her usual run when Warren joins her. He is determined to show her that he is a new man, but Justine is not interested. However, Warren is persistent and makes a point of seeking Justine out and joining her on her daily runs. Grace is upset and worried when Maryellen tells her about John’s drug charge. Maryellen, however, can’t believe that John is really a criminal and is determined to find out more about what really happened.

At the Captain’s Grill with Will and Charlotte, Olivia is deep in thought about Stan and Jack, not sure how she feels about either man. Grace and Maryellen come by the restaurant and, when Maryellen sees Will, she wants to quietly leave. Grace, however, is through running and she boldly goes up to the table and greets them. Grace makes a point of asking Will about the anniversary trip he and his wife have planned. Caught, Will starts to squirm, afraid of what Grace will say next. Grace, however, lets him off the hook and leaves at Maryellen’s insistence.

Maryellen meets with the woman she believes is John’s mother. The woman confirms who she is and that John is actually Daniel Kirkland, her son. She tells Maryellen the whole story. John was in a car with his brother, who seemed to be Mr. Perfect, but was really a drug addict. They were pulled over and when drugs were found, John was blamed and went to prison. No one in his family believed that he was innocent and John cut off contact with them. When his brother died from an overdose, the family realized how wrong they had been and have been trying to make it up with John ever since.

Jack attempts to launch his canoe when he sees Stan and his brand new boat. When the canoe sinks, Stan comes over to commiserate and lets a surprised Jack know that he will be moving back to Cedar Cove. Jack is stunned that Olivia has kept this news from him and senses the real reason for Stan’s desire to return to Cedar Cove. He accuses Stan of trying to win Olivia back. Stan can’t deny that he would like to start again with his ex-wife. Jack goes to Olivia’s chambers to confront her with the fact that she kept Stan’s news from him. He flat out asks her if she still has feelings for her ex-husband, but Olivia is confused, despite the fact that she can’t go back to the past. Certain that Stan has only returned because Jack is in the picture, he refuses to play games with her, even though he knows she is the one for him.

At Grace's, Olivia is recounting her conversation with Jack and her confusion over the situation to Grace when Will shows up. Will tries to pretend he was looking for Olivia, but Grace, tired of his actions, tells Olivia everything. Will tries to deny the things he’s done, but Olivia knows her brother. She is disgusted, demanding to know how he could do this to his wife, who forgave him for his last indiscretion. She sends Will away, and then turns her anger on Grace for lying to her. Grace tries to make her understand, but Olivia won’t have it.

John is preparing to move out of his apartment when Maryellen goes over to visit him. He tells her he can already see how his life will be once word about his prior history gets out—he’s been through it all before. When she tells him that she’s been in contact with his mother and knows the truth about his past, he asks her to leave. But before leaving, she accuses John of being unable to let people in and asks if he really wants to spend his life running away.

Will tracks Grace down at Moon’s and tries to apologize to her, but Grace wants nothing to do with him. When he grabs her arm to force her to listen, Cliff happens to be nearby and breaks the two apart. Grace tries to go to Cliff, but Will still won’t leave. When Will pushes Cliff, Cliff punches him, knocking him to the ground. Grace is grateful to Cliff and tries to apologize for her past behavior over Will. She wants to make it up to him and invites him to dinner, but he is not interested. His ex-wife cheated on him and he doesn’t want to get back into that kind of complicated situation.

Grace goes to see Olivia, and they each make amends. A distraught Olivia tells Grace that Jack is gone and she is not sure if he is ever coming back. Meanwhile, Jack sits at an airport bar staring at a row of bottles and listening to a boarding announcement for a flight to Philadelphia.