Getting to Know You

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With Jack’s move in full swing, the boxes begin to pile up inside Olivia’s living room. Will walks in and comments on how much stuff Jack has and how the disorder must be driving Olivia crazy. Jack apologizes for the mess, but Olivia is welcoming and volunteers to help him unpack. She has a light day and would love to help get him settled.

At Grace’s house, Cliff sits and listens to Grace’s fancy and elaborate wedding plans. Grace’s plans for a choir, a five course meal and the releasing of doves is more than Cliff had bargained for. He asks Grace to come back to earth and plan something more their style. Cliff’s reticence comes as a shock to Grace, who anticipated having the entire town witness her dream wedding.

Down at the docks Justine discusses an upcoming party to help cheer Rebecca up after losing her job. Luke says the party sounds nice but he won’t be there. Luke tells Justine that he’s thinking of heading out of town for a few days. Justine offers to join him but Luke says he needs some time alone. Justine seems a little thrown off by his plan but she tells Luke she’s fine with his plan.

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Back at her house, Olivia is unpacking Jack’s boxes and flipping through the pages of his old yearbook. Grace too has offered to help, but at a price. Grace then asks if Olivia will be the officiant at her and Cliff’s wedding to which Olivia immediately agrees. As they talk Olivia reveals that Jack was class valedictorian and that he was in the Peace Corps. Olivia is floored that there’s so much that she does not know about Jack.  Grace suggests that Olivia’s problem is that she wants intimacy and sharing from a man who is uncomfortable with those things. Grace can relate as she now realizes that she and Cliff are wildly different people.

At the Thyme & Tide Jack and Bob work on a housewarming gift Bob has made for he and Olivia. Jack tells him about the new and inexperienced assistant editor his boss wants him hire. As they talk, Paul drops by and learns that Jack moved in with Olivia. Paul seems taken aback for a moment but quickly recovers and congratulates Jack.  Paul takes off for work and Bob joyfully comments that Paul is no longer a threat. Jack responds by telling Bob that Paul was never a threat.

Across town, Justine tells Linnette about Luke’s sudden need to be alone. Linnette thinks the problem is his fear of commitment; a fear she thinks all men suffer from. As they talk Rebecca comes into the kitchen looking dressed for work. Unfortunately she hasn’t found a new job, but she has been taking care of lots of personal items and has several interviews lined up.  Both Justine and Linnette agree that their own sanity depends on Rebecca getting a new job.

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In Seattle, Jack arrives at his office to find David sitting inside with a young man. David introduces Eddie and things go downhill from there. The arrogant young man insists that he doesn’t do deadlines or take assignments. He goes on to tell Jack that “his generation isn’t tied to money and power -- they’re the generation of truth.” Jack reminds him that he’s interviewing for a job he does not yet have and is not qualified for so he’d better adjust his attitude.

Back at the courthouse Will sits with Olivia as they wait to meet with the people whose car he hit. When the couple arrives the tell Olivia that they want to settle the matter without the insurance companies. They provide an estimate for repairs as well as for their “pain in suffering.” Will openly accuses the couple of lying over a mere fender bender. But, despite her brother’s insistence that the couple is lying, Olivia is unsure whom to believe.

Later that day Paul pops in on Olivia and the two chat about Jack’s moving into Olivia’s house. Olivia confides in Paul that after helping unpack Jack’s stuff she realizes how little she knows about him. Paul tells her that the merging of belongings is easier than the merging of hearts. Paul then goes on to say that there really isn’t a problem and that he’s sure that when Olivia agreed to move in with Jack it made his day. But, when he then learns that it was Olivia who asked Jack to move in, Paul is immediately taken aback and abruptly leaves her office. Olivia looks confused at his quick departure.

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At the docks Justine goes to visit Luke to find out why he wants to go away. She is also upset that after she told him she loved him he’s now decided that he needs to leave town. Luke explains that he’s feeling restless and that before meeting Justine, he never stayed in one place very long. Despite their love for each other, Luke still feels that he needs to clear his head. Justine is unimpressed and sees Luke’s running away as his shirking responsibility for his actions.

At Saget Development, Warren desperately searches for help to get his father away from Cedar Cove. After talking with Moon earlier, Warren is now searching desperately for a big deal that will lure Buck away from Cedar Cove. Warren hopes that Alex can use her Wall Street contacts to broker the big deal, but Alex sees no reason to help.

At the end of the day Olivia and Paul are at the waterfront, talking about Paul’s future in Cedar Cove. Anthony, the former DA, wants his job back and Paul seems ready to relinquish the post. Despite the friends he’s made in town and the people who’ve come to care about him, Paul feels that Cedar Cove is not the best place for him.

Outside Linnette’s apartment, Gloria stands behind a tree staring into the home. As she stands lurking, Roy approaches her. Earlier Roy told Linnette that he was worried about Gloria and what she may do. Now it seems his suspicions have been verified. Roy tells Gloria he’s is going to file a protective order against her for stalking his family. But Gloria responds with the shocking revelation that she is his family; she is his daughter. Stunned, Roy can only stare at her in disbelief. Roy later reveals the news to Corrie, leaving her emotionally overwhelmed.

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Back in Seattle Jack’s relationship with Eddie has just gone from bad to worse. Eddie blew a deadline and now Jack has to pick up the pieces. Eddie offers to help with other projects, but Jack has had enough. The only thing he needs from Eddie now is for him to leave. Still angry, Jack walks into his office with David quickly following him. Jack rages about Eddie’s missed deadline but David insists that Jack hire him back. When Jack asks why he needs to give Eddie another chance David reveals that Eddie is his nephew. Jack is left to sigh in disbelief at the mess he’s now presented with.

Back at Saget Development, Alex hands warren a big development deal in the Hamptons. The deal is exactly what Warren hopes will lure Buck away from Cedar Cove. Despite the deal, Alex insists that she is not helping Warren in his fight with Buck. Later, at the annual Seawall Bike Race, Buck surprises Warren by telling him he already took the deal. With Alex standing next to him, Buck also tells Warren he’s signed Alex to a 2-year contract. Warren accuses Alex of selling him out. Alex responds saying she only did her job.

As the bike race prepares to kick off, Justine anxiously looks for Luke. Her worry turns to surprise when she notices a familiar face in the crowd. Without anyone knowing, John flew in from New York to surprise Maryellen. When he sees her he reveals that he secured the funding for their restaurant in Cedar Cove. But John wants to run the restaurant together, as husband and wife. He then gets down on one knee and presents her with a beautiful engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Justine heads to the docks to find Luke. She finds Derek who tells him that Luke just ran to the mechanic. As they talk Derek ask Justine what she thinks about Luke’s “wild” decision. She brushes off the question, saying Luke just needs a few days to clear his mind. Derek hesitates before revealing that Luke isn’t leaving to clear his head; he’s reenlisting.

Back at the courthouse Anthony drops in to say hello to Olivia. They make small talk before Anthony begins talking about his job. He assures Olivia that they will have a smooth transition. She’s first unaware as to what he’s talking about, but he then reveals that Paul is leaving Cedar Cove.