Original Airdate: Saturday, October 4th

With Luke by her side, Justine stands in her living room, stunned by Seth’s unannounced return. The two men shake hands as Justine makes a clumsy introduction. Luke tells Seth that he’s heard so much about him to which Seth replies, “I’ve heard absolutely nothing about you.” Sensing the tension Luke excuses himself. While Seth, assuming his visit would be a welcomed surprise, angrily leaves for Derrick’s house.

The next day at school, as Allison opens her locker, a slew of graffitied pictures tumble to the ground. As she bends down to pick up the pictures Kayla and several other girls saunter forward. The girls immediately begin taunting Allison. Kayla, whose mother already recieved a call from the principal, makes it crystal clear that her tormenting of Allison is just getting started.

Meanwhile Eric calls Jack for some much needed fatherly advice. Having met Dick Turnbill, Warren’s shady business partner, Eric is terrified and unsure what to do. Eric reveals to Jack that Warren is cooking the books and now his partners are becoming suspicious. Sensing his father’s disappointment Eric immediately tries to convince him that the money and the experience justify working for a crook. But Jack is having none of it. He tells Eric to quit his job immediately.

And at the courthouse Grace has managed to track down Kayla's address and her mothers name. It turns out that Kayla’s mom Sara went to high school with Olivia and Grace and was a notorious bully in her own right. Despite Allison’s pleas, Grace is determined to confront Sara and get her daughter to stop tormenting Allison. But before Grace leaves Olivia reveals a secret. She’s worried that Jack is slipping away from her. She reveals that Jack’s response to her idea that they get a place together in Seattle was, for the first time in their relationship, to leave before she woke up.

At The Captain’s Galley Roy tells Peggy that Bob asked him to look into the mysterious flower deliveries. He also tells Peggy that what happened between her and Colin was not an isolated incident. It turns out that Colin was arrested for assault while living in Spokane. The woman he attacked wouldn’t testify against him so Colin walked on the charges. Roy tries to convince Peggy that what happened wasn’t her fault and that she needs to stop letting Colin wield his power over her. In turn she asks Roy to do what he can to get Bob to let the issue go.

In Coopertown Dick Turnbill manages to track down Warren. Dick tells Warren that he spoke with Eric. Warren angrily insists that Eric knows nothing about their business arrangement. Dick then tells Warren that he's got accountants reviewing every receipt and purchase order to make sure Warren’s not skimming off the top. Dick also says that if he learns that Warren’s working with the FBI he’ll sever more than just business ties.

Back in Cedar Cove, Grace arrives at the house of Sara Roberts, the mother of Allison’s bully. Sara recognizes Grace from their high school days and immediately resumes her nasty ways. She makes a snide remark about Grace’s looks and her failed marriage. Determined to get the bullying to stop Grace brushes off the insults. But as she tries to have an adult conversation about the issue Sara slams the door in her face.

Having had time to calm down, Seth confronts Luke about his relationship with Justine. Seth knew Justine was pulling away from him but he assumed it was due to his job in Alaska. Luke tells Seth that Justine stood with him as he struggled with PTSD. He also tells Seth that the experience working with Luke convinced Justine to apply to graduate school. Seth looks dazed as he tells Luke that Justine never told him about any of this.

In the meantime Eric, summoned to Coopertown by Warren, immediately spills the beans on his talk with Dick. Warren tries to calm him down by saying that he, Warren, is the FBI informant. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Warren is able to convince Eric that he’s one of the good guys. Eric buys the story and agrees to help Warren.

In an effort to help Eric see the light, Rebecca asks Jack to join her for an intervention. Together they try to make Eric realize that he’s being set up, but Eric has bought Warren’s story hook, line, and sinker. Eric insists that Warren has given him no reason not to trust him. Despite their best efforts Eric is convinced that Warren has his best interests at heart and that everything will be fine.

Meanwhile, as Justine and Cecilia talk about their situations, Seth walks up and tells Justine he spoke to Luke. Justine apologizes for not telling him about Luke, but she insists their kiss meant nothing. The news of the kiss comes as a complete shock to Seth. Justine too is taken back as she had assumed that Luke had already told Seth.

In Olivia’s chambers, Jack stops in for a visit. Olivia tells Jack she feels out of sync with him since he’s started the job in Seattle. Jack tries to play confused, but Olivia isn’t buying it. However Grace, who is dealing with her own potential crisis, cuts their confrontation short.

Apparently after her confrontation with Kayla, Allison left school and hasn’t been seen since. Olivia calls the police and Grace already has Roy looking everywhere. Rosie, Allison mom, tried to talk to Allison, but Allison insisted nothing was wrong. Olivia does her best to calm Grace, but it’s clear she fears the worst.

Across town, at the Thyme and Tide, Colin stops by to try and help Peggy with some errands. Peggy tries to push him away but he persists saying he only wants things to go back to the way they were. As the situation gets more uncomfortable Allison walks in asking Peggy if she can stay with her for a while. Peggy’s relief is palpable and she and Allison go off to talk in private.

Sitting down, Peggy asks Allison what’s wrong. Allison tells her about the bullying and how the incidents have steadily increased. Aside from the locker room pictures, Kayla also created an online dating profile using Allison’s image and information. For days Allison has been tormented with calls from strange men and rumors circulating around school. Hearing the story convinces Peggy that neither she nor Allison can remain victims. She convinces Allison to move forward with pressing charges against Kayla.

Later, at the courthouse, Olivia, Grace, and Rebecca sit with Sara, Kayla’s mother. Rebecca explains that as the ADA, she will prosecute Kayla for cyber-stalking and computer trespassing. Sara insists that it’s Olivia who’s the bully. Olivia swipes back, accusing Sara of being a bully 20 years before and teaching her daughter to do the same. But Olivia vows that the cycle will end now. She gives Sara the chance to work with the ADA or take her chances in court.

At home, Seth stands outside waiting for Justine. Seth apologizes for leaving and for coming back. And, now that he can see Justine wants to be with Luke, he issues an ultimatum. Either Justine comes with him to Alaska or their relationship is over. Justine tries to hedge but Seth insists that either she meet him at the docks or he’ll be gone on the late ferry.

At his office, Warren is going over the plan with Eric. He tells Eric that tonight they will meet Dick to hand over the investment money. But, instead of a briefcase full of money, a squad of FBI agents will be there to take Dick off to jail. Eric is completely on board and heads off to get ready for his ‘mission.’

Later, Jack barges into Warren’s office and confronts him. While he knows Warren is lying to Eric, he also knows that Eric is too caught up to see through the lies. Warren brushes him off, saying it’s sad that Eric would rather be like Warren than Jack. Jack promises that if one hair on Eric’s head is harmed, he’ll be back for Warren and no one will be able to protect him.

In the meantime, Cecelia tries in vain to contact Ian. He missed an earlier video-call and she’s desperate to talk to him. She tries to explain the mix-up to the operator but instead learns that Ian is ‘unavailable to talk to her.’ Looking to sort out her feelings, she decides to grab some milk at Moon’s. As she sits Luke comes in and sits at the table with her. He tells her that he e-mailed Ian and told him Cecilia is pregnant. Ian e-mailed Luke his response for Cecilia with the instructions that she not be alone when she read it.

Having spent days trying to avoid Colin, Peggy finally reaches her breaking point. Talking with Allison emboldened her to confront Colin and, as he stands in the door of her home, Peggy lashes out. She berates him for attacking her while his supposed friend Bob hit rock bottom 20 years ago. But she does thank him for coming back. His return has finally given her the opportunity to put an end to her torment. And with that, she smacks Colin to the ground. He stumbles to his feet as she tells him to leave and never come back. As she shuts the door she tells him she’s done hiding and that he no longer has any power over her.

And, with Allison’s bullying problem handled, Grace happily heads to the rodeo to see Cliff. Cliff won the big event but Alex also revealed her true feelings and, caught up in the celebratory atmosphere, kissed Cliff. With her hand resting on Cliff’s chest she tries to explain herself. But as she does, Grace arrives and witnesses the apparent vindication of her suspicions. Grace can only stare with a heartbroken look on her face.

As the sun prepares to set on Cedar Cove, Seth waits at the docks for any sign of Justine. But instead of meeting Seth, Justine is at the Thyme & Tide with Luke. Having lost Justine, Seth boards the last Ferry and leaves Cedar Cove.

In the meantime, Eric arrives at the warehouse where he and Warren are supposed to meet Dick. Dick emerges from the shadows and asks where Warren is. Back in his office, Warren hurriedly packs his suitcase with several stacks of money and his passport. At the warehouse Dick tells Eric that while Warren promised to deliver the money, he also promised to deliver the source of the leak. Unfortunately for Eric, he’s the only other person at the warehouse.

And at Jack’s house, Olivia uses her key to let herself in. As she walks down the hall towards the kitchen she sees Jack, pouring himself a glass of scotch. Standing in shock, Olivia finally realizes it isn’t Jeri, or the new job, or her wanting to get a place in Seattle; Jack is acting the way he has been because he’s drinking again.