Original Airdate: Saturday, August 30th

Things in Jack’s house are changing as Eric’s taking on more responsibilities for Warren. The late nights and meetings with city leaders are bringing him closer to Warren and further from Jack. Meanwhile Justine is finding it difficult to hide her angst over Luke’s legal problems. Although Olivia remains optimistic that the case will be moved to Veteran's court, she also senses that Justine’s concern is about more than just Luke’s legal problems.

And Grace, having apologized for offending Cliff’s rustic style, is now helping him organize the business side of the ranch. Cliff has been without a secretary for a while and the massive pile of paperwork in his office is still growing. Having Grace working with him catches up with Cliff and he spontaneously tells Grace he loves her. The sentiment catches Grace off guard and she is not immediately sure how to respond.

A small media circus is brewing as Luke prepares for his first court appearance. Among the growing press corps following Luke’s trial is a former colleague of Jack’s, Jeri Drake. Although the circumstances of Jack and Jeri’s relationship are not immediately clear, she is clearly shocked that he’s living in Cedar Cove and that he introduces her as a "colleague."

For his own part, Luke is more nervous about talking to Justine than he is for his court appearance. When Justine arrives to take him to court Luke reveals that he’s asked everyone not to come to court; everyone except Justine. Nervously Luke explains that he’s never felt for anyone the way he feels for Justine. Justine insists that she is still with Seth, but her face says that it’s far more complicated.

Meanwhile, at the coffee shop, Ian and Cecilia continue discussing Cecelia’s desire for a family. While Ian is still scared, Cecilia is growing more and more impatient. It’s clear that the issue is putting a major strain on their relationship and that’s not taking into account Cecilia’s unilateral decision to stop taking birth control.

Later that day Warren takes Luke to look at one of his vacant properties. Warren’s had no luck selling the property so he’s decided to let Luke live in the home rent-free. The offer is very tempting, especially for a young guy who’s striking out on his own. But it’s also apparent that Eric is conflicted about moving out of Jack’s house, especially since Eric and Jack are clearly starting to grow closer.

At the courthouse everything seems to be going well for Luke. The plaintiff, whose cousin is a vet with PTSD, has agreed to drop the charges. However the new Assistant District Attorney is determined to press assault charges and possibly send Luke to jail. The young and ambitious Assistant District Attorney, Rebecca Jennings, is focused more on her own success than on making friends. In Olivia’s chambers, Rebecca makes the case that Vet court is a free ride for criminals and that Luke deserves to be put in jail. While Olivia and the defense attorney try to sway her, Rebecca remains unmoved.

Outside the courthouse Jeri Drake catches up with Jack and decides they should have a 1-on-1 chat. Still stinging from being referred to as a "colleague," Jeri presses Jack about his relationship with Olivia and his drinking problem. Jack assures her that Olivia knows about his past problems and that regardless, he’s been sober for well over a year. Seeming to accept that Jack has moved on Jeri asks Jack for a favor: an exclusive interview with Olivia.

At Moon’s, Eric has his first run in with Rebecca Jennings. While she derides him for making a complicated coffee order, her direct manner clearly sparks Eric’s curiosity. And, while he fails to get her phone number, the interaction puts a smile on his face. This of course is much to the chagrin of Moon, who sternly points out that the Rebecca is not the woman with whom Eric already has a child.

At the ranch, Grace works diligently to organize Cliff’s office. Under the stack of papers and envelopes Grace hears a phone ringing. Assuming it’s a delivery Cliff’s been waiting for, Grace answers the phone. She’s surprised however when the caller identifies himself as Steven, Cliff’s son. When Cliff finally returns to check on her progress, Grace tries to ask Cliff about Steven, but Cliff just thanks her for taking the message and heads into the house for a shower.

At home, Luke begins to pack his things in preparation for his move. While he tries to convince Jack that moving to Warren’s vacant home is for the best, it’s obvious that Jack’s feelings are hurt, But, recognizing that his son is a mature young man, Jack relents and Luke continues packing in earnest.

Meanwhile Justine confides to Cecilia that Luke revealed his feelings to her. Cecilia isn’t surprised and tells Justine that it’s obvious that there is something between the two of them. In an attempt to turn the conversation Justine brings up Cecilia’s desire to start a family. Justine reveals that Ian is dead set against having a child while she, Cecilia, is no longer taking birth control. The friends both agree that they need to be honest with the men in their lives, but neither is in any hurry to do so.

Back at the courthouse, Jeri Drake finally gets the opportunity to speak with Olivia. Aside from being a reporter, she reveals that she’s Jack’s ex-wife. The two met while working in Philadelphia and on the spur of the moment, got married in Las Vegas. Jeri also reveals that Jack was a very functional alcoholic with some very deep troubles. Jeri also cautions Olivia about the possibility that Jack may relapse.

Sensing a need to take a different approach with the new Assistant District Attorney, Olivia invites Rebecca to see the Vet Court graduation ceremony in Coopertown. Trying to play nice, Olivia hopes the ceremony will show Rebecca that Luke needs help not jail. Unfortunately Rebecca is unmoved and chides Olivia for interfering with her case. Having taken all she can stand from Rebecca, Olivia angrily question Rebecca’s motives, accusing her of putting her own career ahead of what’s right. Rebecca finally relents and agrees to move Luke’s case to Vet Court. But she also warns Olivia that “round two should be fun.”

Meanwhile Grace and Cliff are again working through a misunderstanding. While Grace wonders why Cliff never mentioned having a son, Cliff is hurt by Grace’s reaction to his telling her he loves her. Cliff reveals that Steven is actually his stepson and that he took on the responsibility of raising him after his wife left him. Meanwhile Grace reveals that she was taken by surprise when Cliff told her he loved her and wasn’t sure how to respond. Cliff apologizes for not telling Grace about his son and Grace finally tells him she loves him.

At the Thyme & Tide Peggy is pleasantly surprised to receive a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Assuming they are from Bob, she cheerfully thanks him for the beautiful gift. Bob replies with a puzzled look saying the flowers weren’t from him and that Peggy must have a secret admirer.

Later that night, still reeling from her dressing down from Olivia, Rebecca stops at the bar for a drink. As luck would have it she runs into Eric again. They strike up a conversation and it’s revealed that Rebecca is a small town girl with very big city dreams. Disheartened by her current situation, Rebecca is looking for solace in a glass and with a friendly stranger. After a brief conversation with Eric, the two quickly leave the bar together.

Across town, Justine and Luke meet for a much needed heart to heart. Luke updates Justine on the status of his court case, but it’s clear that something bigger is looming. Luke apologizes for making Justine uncomfortable but insists that they could have a future together. Justine disagrees, but before she can make her case Luke leans in and kisses her. She pulls back, slaps him, and tells him that he’s wrong. She then hastily gets up and walks away.

Later that night, Olivia tells Jack about her conversation with his ex-wife Jeri. Having a pretty good idea as to what has been said, Jack simply tells Olivia that Jeri is from his past and that he truly loves Olivia. As they talk, there’s a knock at the door. When Jack returns, he’s carrying a package. When he opens the package there is an expensive bottle of vodka. Appalled, Olivia asks who would send him that. Jack opens the note which reads “from Jeri... your friend and colleague.”