Original Airdate: Saturday, September 6th

While Jack enjoys a night of baseball, Grace and Olivia meet up for a girls' night out. As they get ready, Grace reveals that she’s decided to refinance her mortgage so she can stay in her house. She also reveals that Cliff told her he loved her. Excited that Grace has found a good man, it’s now Olivia’s turn to share. In a more serious tone, Olivia tells Grace that she met Jack’s ex-wife Jeri. But just as Olivia prepares to tell Grace about the meeting, the phone rings. Grace asks Olivia to answer it and when she does, Olivia hears the voice of her brother, Will.

It’s been nearly a year since Will and Grace were inching toward romance. The relationship soured when it was revealed that Will was still married. Will has since apologized and he and Grace have resumed their longstanding friendship. And although Olivia is concerned that Grace hasn’t mentioned Will to Cliff, Grace assures her that she has no intention of becoming romantically involved with Will again. Grace also tells Olivia that Will has his hands full with his wife. Sworn to secrecy, Grace tells Olivia that she needs to talk to Will. And that conversation is destined to happen sooner than later because Will is about to make a surprise visit to Cedar Cove.

At the Thyme & Tide, Justine is busy collecting donations for the base. As she does, Luke walks up looking to apologize for his unwelcomed advances. Luke asks if he and Justine can go back to being friends. Justine agrees, but only on the condition that Luke keep his lips in check. A handshake solidifies the new arrangement and represents yet another step for Luke in confronting his demons.

But just as Luke makes one step forward, it’s also clear that he’s not completely ready to live as an open book. Later in the day, having agreed to do an interview about PTSD, Luke sits down to talk with Jack. As Jack begins asking questions about Luke’s service and his best friend who was killed in combat, Luke begins to shut down. The interview comes to a complete halt when Jack asks about Luke’s family. It’s clear that some things in Luke’s past are not up for discussion.

Meanwhile, at Saget Development, Eric is proving to be a studious and eager employee. But his attention to detail has uncovered potentially damning information. While reviewing invoices, Eric noticed the construction foreman is invoicing materials that are never actually being ordered. The information is suspicious but instead of firing the foreman, Warren chastises him for not covering his tracks.

It turns out that Warren and the foreman are scheming to line their own pockets. What’s more, this scheme is not limited to this project but is part of Warren’s regular business practices. And now, having learned of the scheme, Eric is forced to make a difficult decision. Summoned to Warren’s office, Warren presents Eric with a $5,000 check. Assuring Eric that no one is getting hurt and that they are doing nothing wrong, Warren tells Eric that the check is either a bonus or severance, but that the choice is his.

For Jack, the arrival of his ex-wife has brought out parts of his life he’d thought were in his past. And while Olivia has exercised patience with him, that patience has reached its limit. As they sit talking, Olivia angrily accuses Jack of lying to her and questions whether he may still be hiding things. Jack tries to explain that he fears his horrible past will push Olivia away but Olivia only hears untruths. On top of everything else, Jack is anxiously and very quietly approaching his 1-year anniversary of being sober.

Sensing his anxiety, Bob tries to get Jack to open up to him. He knows that Jack isn’t being truthful with him, his AA group, or to Olivia. As his sponsor, Bob hopes that Jack will confide in him, but Jack still isn’t ready to take that step. Bob points out that it’s hypocritical of Jack to expect Luke to be open about his pain when he can’t do the same.

In contrast to Jack, Olivia’s brother Will is has reached the point where he is ready to let it all out. He reveals to Olivia that he and his wife have divorced. He also tries to assuage Olivia’s concerns over his intentions with Grace. But, despite his assurances, Olivia still doesn’t trust her brother and feels that Grace shouldn’t trust him either. Her feelings are somewhat validated when Will suddenly announces he’s leaving Cedar Cove just as quickly as he arrived. He and Grace agree to meet for dinner before he leaves. As the two reminisce Will takes Grace’s hand and compliments her beauty. He then asks if Grace wants him to take his hand back, to which she can only respond, “I don’t know.”

But while Grace waffles, Eric has made his decision about his future with Warren Saget. Still focused on his financial concerns, Eric has decided to turn a blind eye to Warren’s malfeasance and accept his “bonus check.” To celebrate, he and Rebecca Jennings enjoy a romantic dinner together. Despite having a young baby with another woman, Eric seems to be perfectly comfortable pursuing a relationship with the new ADA.

Meanwhile, Jack has decided that it is finally time to open up about his past. With Bob, Luke, and Olivia at his side, Jack tearfully reveals his story. His revelation convinces Luke that he can take the same step. After doing his best to avoid the interview, Luke is now inspired to sit down and tell Jack his own story. Jack’s openness has also reminds Olivia why she loves him. She assures him that she is willing to stand with him despite his past and that together, they will move forward.

And as another night falls over Cedar Cove, Justine has awakened to her own epiphany. Her experience with Luke and volunteering at the base has finally shown her what path her life will take. Justine has decided to go back to school and pursue her master’s degree in social work. Both Olivia and Jack agree that Justine will make a great social worker and wholeheartedly support her.