Season 3, Episode 2 - A Helping Hand

Original airdate: July 25th, 2015
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It’s evening in Cedar Cove when Grace gets home to discover that Maryellen has arrived early for her visit. The two are happy to see each other, but Grace suspects that something is up with Maryellen. Across town Jack and Olivia are walking home from dinner when Jack questions her about moving in together. Olivia feels pressured and Jack can tell. He tells her to sleep on it and that they’ll talk tomorrow. As Olivia drives off, Jack’s cell phone rings. It’s Jeri, calling to tell Jack that she needs him in Seattle for notes the following day. In light of their new working relationship, Jeri wants him there to make sure nothing is “lost in translation.” Jack agrees but tells her he must be back in Cedar Cove for dinner the next evening.


The next day Olivia and Paul run into each other outside the courthouse. Paul asks her if she would be willing to help out with night court – there is a huge pile of cases that need to be heard – but Olivia declines. At Moon’s, Warren tries to purchase a coffee but his card will not work. Moon tells him it has been cancelled, and he proceeds to cut it to pieces in front of Warren. At the docks, Derek fills Luke in on his new responsibilities. Luke’s new job isn’t out on the water like he wants. Instead, he’ll be at the docks repairing equipment and ensuring that Derek and his crew can get out and fish everyday.


In Seattle, Jeri confesses to Jack that she called so that she could give him the good news: she has promoted him to an assistant editor position.  Jack is thrilled and immediately jumps at the job. Back in Cedar Cove, Grace stops by Olivia’s chambers with a new hairstyle. Olivia congratulates Grace on the new job as town manager and on her engagement to Cliff. Grace asks if Olivia is going to move in with Jack, but Olivia doesn’t have an answer.

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Later in the evening, Olivia waits for Jack at the Captain’s Galley. Paul is also there and takes the opportunity to ask if he can pick her brain about a case.  They talk about Rebecca and her attitude problem when Jack walks in. Paul abruptly leaves, and Jack sits down with Olivia. He apologizes for being late and tells Olivia about his big promotion. Olivia is worried this might be a lot for him to take on, but he disagrees.


Back at Olivia’s house Luke and Justine talk about Luke’s new position, and about her job search. Despite not being on the water, Luke is happy with his new gig. Justine’s own situation is slightly more complicated. Earlier, Linnette and Rebecca told her that the landlord rejected her application for the room because Justine does not have a job. Luke understands and he and Justine share a kiss. However as they do, Olivia walks in on them. The awkward moment reaffirms to Justine that she really needs to find a job!


At the Thyme & Tide, Peggy tells Bob that she is interested in starting a catering business, but Bob won’t hear of it, saying she already does too much at the Thyme and Tide. But he also knows that Peggy is persistent and that this won’t be the end of the conversation. The next morning Peggy skips her usual routine of making breakfast for Bob. She tells him he was right; she does too much at the Thyme & Tide. Her message is received loud and clear.

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The next morning, Grace overhears Maryellen talking to John on the phone about her mom’s suspicions. Grace is stunned to hear Maryellen say, “This is our baby and we will tell her together.” Grace hurries to share the news with Olivia, who worries Grace may not know the full story.


Down at the docks, Derek is struggling to get the boat started. Fortunately Luke has the trick and in no time has the boat’s engine humming. Derek is thrilled and, having sent the crew home, asks Luke to come along on the fishing trip. They have a great day out on the open water, and Luke talks about his love of the water and his life in the Navy.  The next day Derek invites him out on the water again and Luke could not be happier.


At the courthouse Paul and Rebecca again face off.  Paul’s been burying her in paperwork and now asks her for her recommendations on cases within the last six months. Rebecca is floored- this is a lot of work and she just wants to be back in court. But the next day, Rebecca has covered all the recommendations and has “papercuts on her papercuts” to prove it. Both she and Paul have a laugh and they agree to move forward with their professional relationship.


Back at his office, Warren demands to see all the access codes for the banks. All of his power has been stripped away by Buck and he is frustrated and angry. With his work life and personal life now crashing in on him, Warren is at his wit’s end. Later he meets with his father and Buck lays out his parameters for Warren regaining his trust again, along with his credit cards.

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As the days have worn on Paul has become more desperate for Olivia’s help with night court. She finally relents and agrees to hear a variety of odd cases. Paul is grateful and offers to buy her dinner.  He tells her why night court is meaningful for him – it is about helping real people.  He shares the story of how his father lost his diner business, and that it caused Paul to want to be a lawyer.  He thanks Olivia for working the extra hours.


While Olivia is in night court with Paul, Jack is enjoying an awkward dinner at the Thyme & Tide. He earlier had asked Peggy to help him with Olivia. The two prepared an elegant candlelit dinner for Jack’s date. Since Olivia cancelled her dinner plans to help Paul, Jack and Bob eat dinner together and talk about Peggy and Olivia. Bob advises Jack that he needs to think about how to make Olivia happy.


Back at the office, Warren is busy searching for anything he can use against Alex. Warren is convinced that Alex is behind his father’s moves against him and is determined to destroy her. After some searching, Warren hits pay dirt when he discovers that Alex had faced criminal charges tied to her job on Wall Street. Armed with his damning information, Warren can’t wait to bring the dirt to Buck and sabotage his new CFO.


Meanwhile, Will has his own scheme in place: he has decided to offer Justine a job as his assistant. At first Justine is doubtful, but she finally relents and accepts her uncle’s help. When Will tells Olivia, she is immediately against the idea. Will accuses her of being afraid to be alone, but before Olivia can respond, Paul walks into Olivia’s office, interrupting the conversation. The intrusion gives her the opportunity to end the argument and invite Will to leave.

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At the Thyme & Tide, Peggy finds Bob planing wood in the workshop. She thanks him for asking to Grace to ask Peggy if she would run the town’s event committee. Even though it’s not catering, Peggy is thrilled to have the chance to use her skills to help. Peggy exclaims, “Staying busy keeps us young,” before asking Bob to serve on the committee regularly. Bob agrees on the condition he gets fed regularly. 


At Grace’s house John finally arrives, and Grace excitedly begs them to “spit it out.” They are confused as to what she means, and Grace says she knows they are pregnant. Maryellen tells her what she really meant- they are moving back to Cedar Cove, and will be taking over the Captain’s Cove with John as the chef. Maryellen plans to use the walls as a gallery featuring local artists. Grace is still thrilled to have them home, but John is not so certain. He whispers to Maryellen that they have a problem with the investors. Maryellen seems panicked as clouds of doubt now hover over their dream.


Later in the day Jack goes to the courthouse to ask flat out as Olivia if they are moving in together. Olivia does not want to make a new mistake in trying to fix Jack’s mistake. Jake opens his heart to Olivia before asking if she thinks she can get past this. Olivia asks for more time to heal, but Jack can’t accept it. Frustrated, Jack tries to turn Olivia into the bad guy, accusing Olivia of not truly forgiving him. Confronted with the reality of the situation, Olivia can’t deny it. Jack takes the hint and leaves.