Season 3, Episode 3 - Something's Gotta Give

Original airdate Aug. 1st, 2015
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While out for a morning jog Paul just happens to bump into Olivia.  Paul is looking for help with a troublesome defense attorney, but the conversation turns to relationships when Olivia reveals that she’s presiding over a divorce case. Paul shares with her that his ex-wife has issues and he thought he could save her, but he couldn’t. The experience taught him that if you are with the wrong person you are actually alone. And, while Paul doesn’t have any regrets, he didn’t foresee being alone, eating take out every night and living in a motel.  Sympathizing with his situation, Olivia sends him to the Thyme & Tide for some home cooking and a nice warm bed.


At Moon’s, Bob meets Jack for a coffee and to catch up. Jack confesses that he and Olivia had a big fight and that he’s afraid of loosing her. Bob thinks Jack is pushing Olivia too hard and suggests giving her time and space to heal. Bob also reveals his suspicions towards Paul. Jack has noticed that Paul and Olivia are spending more time together and he warns Jack to watch out for him.


At town hall, Grace and Peggy meet to discuss Grace’s first big idea as town manager. At dusk, Grace wants to get the entire town to meet at the marina for a Cedar Cove group photo. Peggy seems doubtful of the plan, but agrees to do her best to help make it a success.

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Outside the home of Olivia & Will’s mother, Justine waits, a bit impatiently, to start her first day of work with her uncle. When Will arrives, an hour late, he seems to have completely forgotten anything he told Justine. Justine first assignment is to drive Will to lunch for a business meeting. Unbeknownst to Justine, the business meeting is with her ex, Warren Saget. Will then reveals that he and Warren are exploring the possibility of doing business together.


Later in the day at The Chronicle, Alex stops by to talk to Jack about her situation with Warren. Alex reveals that Warren is threatening to blackmail her. It turns out that when she was a trader, she violated SEC rules and was publicly fired. Jack urges her to share her story with Buck and at the very least, get ahead of the story and not to let Warren do it for her.


In her chambers, Olivia and Grace share coffee and talk about Jack. Olivia is worried that his relapse is not an isolated incident, but could be what she’s ‘signing up for.’ Later, Jack shows up to talk about their fight. He suggests that moving in together would be a mistake since it’s clear they’re just not ready. He wants to spend more time together and let things unfold without the extra pressure. Olivia agrees and seems relieved. He apologizes again, and leaves Olivia to her thoughts.


Following Olivia’s advice, Paul goes by the Thyme & Tide looking for a room. He’d spoken to Peggy who’d told him they had a vacancy for him, but when he arrives, Bob tells him the room is now occupied. Paul can sense something unusual about the interaction, but before he can say anything Peggy walks out to introduce herself. As Bob gruffly looks on, Peggy cheerfully invites Paul in and escorts him to his still vacant room.

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In the later hours of the afternoon, Maryellen and Grace stroll through downtown Cedar Cove. As they walk, Maryellen reveals that the she and John’s investor has backed out and they may no longer be able to purchase the Galley. It’s clear that much more is at stake when Maryellen tells Grace she doesn’t want to leave Cedar Cove, but that John may not agree. Maryellen says they are trying to find another investor and that she doesn’t want to discuss it any further. 

Back at the courthouse Paul drops by Olivia’s chambers. Paul tells her that he’s checked into the Thyme & Tide and that his greeting was less than welcoming. While Peggy was her normal sweet self, Paul’s got the impression the Bob wants him to leave…Cedar Cove. While not explicitly saying it, Bob made it clear that he sees Paul as a threat to Olivia and Jack. Olivia reveals that she and Jack are taking a break and that the status of their relationship is in question.


At Moon’s, Roy confides to Peggy that years ago, he and his wife Corrie gave up their child for adoption. Roy wants to try and make things right, but Corrie won’t let him. Peggy agrees to talk with Corrie and see what she can do to help.


At the offices of Saget Development, Warren is ready to reveal Alex’s past issues to Buck. But, to Warren’s surprise, Buck already knows about Alex’s past and doesn’t care. It yet another lesson, Buck reveals that due diligence led him to know the details of Alex’s past before he ever hired her. Stymied again, Warren announces that he’s quitting his job and starting his own business that he vows will drive them both out of Cedar Cove. As he leaves Buck instructs Alex to have the locks changed.


It’s dusk and only a handful of people have showed up for Grace’s town photo. Grace feels stood up and the next day, confronts Olivia about not showing up. It turns out that Grace needed a permit for the photo shoot and that she had been reported to the county after she sent out the email blast. The news only gets worse, because there are no more permits available until next year.

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Along the waterfront, Roy and Corrie talk about the daughter they gave up for adoption. After talking to Peggy, Corrie thinks they should send their contact information to the adoption agency and see if their daughter wants to meet them. Roy is relieved that Corrie has come around to the idea of meeting her because he’d already sent their information to the agency. Corrie is scared, but Roy reassures her that they are in it together.


As a light rain falls on to his shoulders, Moon busily busses tables. Warren walks up and Moon remarks at him “All dressed up and nowhere to go.”  Warren tells Moon that he’s leaving Saget Development and striking out on his own. Moon can’t hide his feelings and says that he hopes Warren’s plans take him far, perhaps to another state or two away.


Outside the courthouse, Paul and Olivia talk about Grace’s town photo predicament. Olivia wants to help but there is little she can do. As they talk, Jack sits in his car watching. As Jack looks on, Paul invites Olivia for a drink to take her mind of her woes. Olivia accepts Paul’s offer and the two walk off together. Later, Justine goes to see Jack and wants to know what is happening in his relationship with Olivia. She urges Jack to fight for her – and he needs to do it now.

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As the day winds down, Grace and Maryellen sit for a mother daughter talk. Things between Maryellen and John have become tense since they lost their initial investor. A potential replacement investor did meet with the couple but his shady business practices made both Maryellen and John uncomfortable. Minus an investor, John is ready to return to New York, but Maryellen is intent on staying in Cedar Cove. The two fight over their future and John leaves in anger. After the fight, Grace sits down and advises Maryellen to compromise. The next day, Maryellen and John come to a new agreement – she will stay in Cedar Cove while he goes back to New York to find a new investor. 

Down at the marina Bob and Grace meet to talk about the town photo. As they walk and talk Grace suddenly becomes aware that the entire town is also at the marina. It turns out that Olivia was able to find a loophole and Peggy was able to get the word out.


At Saget Development Warren is busy packing up his stuff. After learning that Buck destroyed his credit and bad mouthed him to any possible clients, Warren tried to again negotiate a deal with his dad. Buck offered Warren his job and a new company credit card, if he promises to play nice. Warren still feels he can’t accept those terms and again stands firm in his decision to quit. But, as he prepares to finish packing his office, Buck tells him that he and Alex are going to be a part of the town photo. He tells Warren that if he sees him there he will take it as an apology. Warren does decide to show up and Buck happily welcomes him back into the fold. But Warren’s return is not without conditions. Specifically, Buck warns Warren that Alex is in charge.

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Meanwhile at Moon’s, a young woman sits and orders a drink. She tells Moon that she’s just moved to Cedar Cove and looking to try small town life. She introduces herself as Gloria and Moon welcomes her to town.  As she sits with her beverage her phone rings. She looks at the phone to identify the caller and sees a photo of Roy and Corrie.

While gathering for the town picture, Jack takes Olivia aside to talk. Jack says that despite the many reasons they shouldn’t be together, he still wants to have a future with her. He also tells her that his struggle with sobriety is something that they will need to face together. Olivia still wants to work on the relationship with Jack, but she does feel that they need to step back and slow down. She wants them to take their time and really get to know each other. Jack agrees and it appears everything is on the mend. That is until Will makes his appearance. Panting from excitement, Will reveals that he and Olivia’s mother is going to stay at the Cape and has left the house to Will and Olivia. Will plans to sell the house in his business deal with Warren Saget.