Tuesday May 14 9/8c
Garage Sale Mystery

Rick Ravanello

Jason Shannon

Rick Ravanello was born in Nova Scotia, Canada and has been working as an actor nonstop since moving to Los Angeles. Dynamic and masculine, he immediately gained attention from A-list directors and producers. Ravanello was originally flown out to Los Angeles by Stephen Spielberg for a part in "Band of Brothers." Recently he finished the lead in an action feature film, "Outpost 37" (by the "Game of Thrones" team), which shot in South Africa. He earned a role in "Hart's War" where he worked alongside Bruce Willis and has had starring roles in television shows such as "Nikita," "Weeds," "True Justice" and "Lincoln Heights." His film "Dose of Reality," starring Fairuza Balk, premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival with rave reviews of his complex, tortured character he portrayed as a cheating husband haunted by his past. 

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