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About MatchMaker Mysteries: The Art of the Kill

Danica McKellar


Actress, author, producer and speaker Danica McKellar was first introduced to us as Winnie Cooper on the iconic television classic “The Wonder Years” and since then has built a longstanding career in entertainment and beyond. McKellar stars in and executive produces “MatchMaker Mysteries,” a new mystery franchise for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. This past Christmas, McKellar starred opposite Dolly Parton in her 12th Hallmark film “Christmas at Dollywood.” In addition to acting and producing television, McKellar is a New York Times bestselling author with her groundbreaking books including Math Doesn't Suck and Kiss My Math. Her message to girls? Smart is sexy. A summa cum laude graduate of UCLA, McKellar earned her undergraduate degree in mathematics. She has testified before Congress about the importance of women in math and science and was named “Person of the Week” by ABC World News for tackling math education and simultaneously breaking the stereotype of the “math nerd” with her highly entertaining and illuminating books.

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