Photos from The Rockford Files - 5

Noah Beery Jr.

Joseph "Rocky" Rockford

Noah Beery, co-starring in "The Rockford Files," had a diversified career, spanning over 50 years. Starting as a child actor, he graduated to young leading man status and was one of the most respected character actors in his profession.

In this respect, he followed in the tradition of his father, Noah, and his superstar uncle, Wallace Beery. Born in New York City, he was brought to Hollywood as an infant. His formal education was obtained at the Carl Curtis School, Harvard Military Academy and North Hollywood High School. But his informal education was gathered on studio stages watching his Dad carve a career as one of the leading "villians" in silent films.

His own acting debut occured at the age of four, when he appeared in "The Mark of Zorro," starring Douglas Fairbanks. It wasn't until he had graduated from high school that his career as an actor began. While appearing in the stage production, "Kindling" in Hollywood, a talent scout spotted the rugged youngster. A screen test followed and he was signed by Universal.

His first important role was in "The Road Back," a sequel to the studio's Academy Award-winning "All Quiet on the Western Front," and from that point on, he worked constantly. Among his screen credits are "Of Mice and Men," "Sergeant York ," "Red River," "Inherit the Wind ," "Skin Game" (with his "Rockford Files" co-star, James Garner), "Little Fauss and Big Halsey" and "Walking Tall."

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