About William & Catherine: A Royal Romance

Alice St. Clair

Catherine Middleton

This is Alice St. Clair’s first professional acting job.  Growing up, St. Clair spent time in her family’s homes in Berkshire, United Kingdom and Rosslyn in Scotland.  St. Clair attended a boarding school called Heathfield and then at age 16 moved to a school called Bedales, which had a strong focus on studies in the arts. 

Later St. Clair moved to Los Angeles and after a stint working for Academy Award® winning producer Akiva Goldsman, decided to move to New York where she received a scholarship to New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.  This provided St. Clair with the acting education that has led directly to her newly-launched career.

St. Clair continues to live in New York, but visits England often where her parents, brothers and sister currently reside.  

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