Jane Doe: Vanishing Act
Original premiere date: January 21, 2005
By all appearances, suburban housewife Cathy Davis is your typical mother of two. But when a top secret government security agency calls on their top-agent-turned-mom back to duty, can Cathy manage to get dinner on the table.

Jane Doe: Now You See It, Now You Don't
Original premiere date: February 18, 2005
When the Declaration of Independence is stolen while on display at a Los Angeles bank, NSA agent Frank Darnell calls in Cathy Davis - code name "Jane Doe" - in hopes of figuring out who did it. Stars Lea Thompson, Joe Penny.

Jane Doe: 'Til Death Do Us Part
Original premiere date: March 11, 2005
Cathy is brought back to work a case for Frank Darnell and the NSA to find a missing arms dealer who faked a heart attack in prison to escape. Stars Lea Thompson and Joe Penny.

Jane Doe: The Wrong Face
Original premiere date: June 19, 2005
Cathy is brought in to find the U.S. Attorney's missing wife and to ensure a money laundering investigation does not fall apart at a crucial point. Stars Lea Thompson and Joe Penny.

Jane Doe: Yes, I Remember It Well
Original premiere date: January 14, 2006
Cathy's mom, Polly, a former CSA agent, comes for a visit. When a British agent with some top secret information is kidnapped, Cathy and Polly work together to uncover a plot which has global implications.

Jane Doe: The Harder They Fall
Original premiere date: March 4, 2006
Horning Cereal is dumping contaminated food on Third World countries. When former CSA agent, Jim Monroe, is found with the drowned body of CEO Melville Horning, he is immediately the prime suspect.

Jane Doe: Ties That Bind
Original premiere date: March 17, 2007
Though CEO Everett Myers is accused of murdering his partner, CSA puzzle solver Cathy Davis is certain he's innocent, despite witnesses, surveillance cameras, and a surefire motive.

Jane Doe: How To Fire Your Boss
Original premiere date: May 8, 2007
When a fellow agent kills his mentor and can't remember the crime, puzzle-solver Cathy Davis is enlisted to discover the motive. What she uncovers is a government experiment in mind-control developed to weed out terrorists.

Jane Doe: Eye of the Beholder
Original premiere date: January 12, 2008
Cathy and Frank partner with a beautiful insurance investigator to recover a stolen masterpiece. Frank is smitten with her, even though it becomes more apparent she may be the mastermind behind the theft. Stars Lea Thompson.